• Attorney at Law practicing for 13 years in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana
  • Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Administrative Law Judge
  • Mother of five, four of whom have attended Rich Central High School
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
    Marketing, Butler University 2000
  • Juris Doctorate Degree, Indiana University School of Law, 2005


  • Build a professional brand for the Board of Education of this District
  • Create opportunities for professionals to interact with and mentor the students of this District
  • Create International partnerships for student opportunities to study abroad


  • Advocate for parents and children in the community so that this District reflects the goals and desires of this community
  • Create a Parent·Teacher·Student Advisory Committee so that the voice of the community will always be heard
  • Create transparency between the Board of Education and the community
  • Work with surrounding school boards and municipalities to begin to lobby our legislatures to require the State to adequately fund education and relieve the burden on taxpayers

Why I’m Running for SD 227

Why me? Why now? When I announced my decision to run for the school board, many of those close to me asked, “Why run now when your children are about to graduate?” My response was simple.

“I’m running now, because it’s not just about my children. It’s about all our children!”

I am the mother of five, including a set of twins. All but one attended Rich Central High School. My oldest graduated in 2014, my second oldest graduated in 2017, and “the twins” will graduate in May.

I am also a criminal defense attorney. I advocate in the courts daily on behalf of children and adults to protect their rights in our judicial system. I am passionate, relentless, and effective.



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